No photo needed here! Look at my glob’s entirely new MAKEOVER!!! WOW!!! This was done by a fan’s father. His name is William M. His son asked if I needed any help with my site. I needed so much help I could cry! I could barely stand to look at my glob, and I had sent it out to my librarian and teacher friends with the preface, “read it for content, not for aesthetics.” So William “threw this together” in a couple of hours. Wow. I’m so amazed. He even came up with “your own PDK for writing” (“globby bloogie” came from LeUyen Pham, illustrator of Alvin Ho). And he refused to let me pay him. He’s a DA DAD, that’s for sure!!! I’ve never met the family, but I get their Christmas cards and fan mail from their son Aidan, now in the fourth grade. They live in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. You can see Aidan’s mom’s photography here. Aidan first wrote to me when he could barely write. And he drew fantastic pictures of Alvin Ho. Now he’s typing complete sentences and says he hasn’t had to carry his PDK (Personal Disaster Kit) to school this year. With a dad like that, who needs a PDK? And it appears I don’t need mine anymore either. What a wonderful gift. I am so extremely, deeply grateful. THANK YOU, WILLIAM M! You ROCK!!!

4 thoughts on “A FREE MAKEOVER!

  1. Hi Lenore! Thanks for your kind words. Aidan received the book last night and was so excited he wanted to read it right away! Thank you for the precious gift for him. He really cherish reading! Now, to get my 4 year old to like reading as much as Aidan did at that age .. well, that’s another story. 🙂 I haven’t touched my photography site in months ..! It’s probably going to go through some type of minor makeover soon … you got the right guy to help you! Bill’s really dedicated, and he doesn’t procrastinate like me. 😉


  2. Love it!!!! I read your book on the plane ride home! I literally laughed out loud! I lent it to my friend’s 10 year old nephew. I’m looking forward to hearing what he thinks! I’m also looking forward to reading your other books!!! What a gift!!!


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