Okay, well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag, to use a cliche! But it’s a good cat, no? And it’s been squirming for a while! Thanks for the help, Debbie!

The Styling Librarian

I’ve really enjoyed blogging and connecting with people around the world through a variety of networks over the years. I’m especially fond of connecting with all of my friends and family on Facebook and enjoy having my outlets there. This past year, I decided to grow in my skills on Twitter. What an amazing resource Twitter provides educators with! I love how I can keep up with superstar authors left and right, in addition to getting inspired by amazing educators around the world. I adore subscribing to various blogs and getting new ideas, reading new book reviews, and watching how others implement new ideas and use resources when educating others. I’m so happy that I keep trying new technology. Some of it flops and some are just the thing I couldn’t believe I lived without in the past!

Once in a while I connect with authors in a special way…

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