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IMG_2075Lenore Look visited Bradbury School in November, but she and I agreed to wait and connect our blog posts together so that our readers could enjoy both points of view- an author’s experience visiting a school and a teacher librarian/school’s perspective. Have you read Lenore Look’s Blog before? There are fun glimpses into an author’s life, writing tips, and you can follow her adventures by reading her posts, especially the recent ones on her adventures in China. Some readers already know about Lenore Look visiting Bradbury. I have posted a few times already about Lenore. Once I posted about about how we originally connected online:  and then the other post was an author interview:

Here’s a reflection on Lenore Look’s author visit:
posterhallOh, what a lovely day it can be when you get to spend time with an author hero. Preparations for the visit were almost as much fun…

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