A FOURTH Star!!!!!!


Can you believe it? A FOURTH starred review for BRUSH OF THE GODS, from Booklist. I’m overwhelmed. I dunno what to say, except THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard to make this a special book.

Here it is, as sent by my publisher:

The following title has received its fourth starred review in the
May 15, 2013 issue of Booklist (circ: 24,150):
«Brush of the Gods.
Look, Lenore (Author) , So, Meilo (Illustrator)
Jun 2013. 40 p. Random/Schwartz & Wade, hardcover, $17.99. (9780375870019).
Swirling back through the mists of Chinese history, collaborators Look and So bring children the story of Wu Daozi, an artist with magic in his brush. As a boy in the late seventh century, Daozi was taught calligraphy—at least the monks attempted to teach him. But instead of letters, worms and horse tails fall from his brush, and when he takes his art into the city, his flowers and clouds are so full of vivacity and life that people from all over come to admire his work. But what’s this? As Daozi grows older, he’s startled to see the butterflies he draws take flight from the paper. A camel walks away from the wall. His crowds of followers dissipate, perhaps because they don’t believe the art has come to life, but eventually, a new generation brings him to such heights of popularity that the emperor invites Daozi to paint a magnificent mural on a palace wall—one that takes him the rest of his life. The author’s note calls this picture book a reimagined life of the painter who brought spirit and motion to Chinese art. Certainly, Look and So have dipped deep into the well of artistry and creativity to produce a book that captures Daozi’s essence. The richly colored artwork is stunning in both its scope and particulars; inky calligraphy brushstrokes accent people and places. And the words are equally well chosen, such as when the elderly Dazoi is “drenched in the moon’s silver tears.” This combination of talents happily never forgets its audience in an offering as child appealing and whimsical as it is handsome.

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