Ruby Lu, Star of the Show by Lenore Look, illustrated by Stef Choi

Hooray! Terry Hong over at the Smithsonian’s BookDragon blog has given my latest Ruby Lu book lots of love. Many thanks, Terry!!!


Ruby Lu Star of the ShowIf Lenore Look‘s East Coast leading man, the delightfully frank Alvin Ho, admits to being afraid of just about everything, his West Coast counterpart, wondergirl Ruby Lu, lets little slow her down. Regardless of their opposite fear factors, both of Look’s bicoastal protagonists are multicultural heroes with close family ties to China; extended relatives keep the cultural connections immediate, even as both Alvin and Ruby navigate their everyday, thoroughly American lives.

In the third installment starring our heroine of 20th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, Ruby enjoys her first day of third grade, even with a few glitches. As grand as her class and teacher turn out to be, she’s most looking forward to starting dog obedience school with her pooch Elvis. When she triumphantly returns home that afternoon, she finds her father already there – because he’s lost his job. Ruby knows this is bad news from experience: her friend Ally’s mom…

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