FACTS Charter School

I received a lovely card from fourth graders at the FACTS (Folk Arts – Cultural Treasures) Charter School in Philadelphia. Here are the lovely handwritten messages inside: IMG_9849Teacher Annie Huynh has had her class write to me for a couple of years now. They like reading Alvin Ho! And I will finally get to meet them this FRIDAY, October 17!!!!! Woohoooo!!! Wazoooo! Hooray!!!! Yipeeeee!!! I’m SOOO THRILLED, I can’t even tell you!!!! I’ll be visiting Miss Annie’s class in the afternoon and then doing an author presentation to the entire school. After that, I will be giving the keynote address at the school’s 10th anniversary fundraising dinner. Wow! TEN years!!! Congratulations, FACTS! Check out the details on their website here: http://www.factschool.org/ See you all very soon!!!! XXOOXOXO

2 thoughts on “FACTS Charter School

  1. Great to have you at the FACTS banquet last night and hear you speak! Thanks so much!
    It occurs to me today, that I think you were my neighbor in my childhood hometown of Whitehall and I used to babysit for your family.
    And now my son attends FACTS, which is a wonderful school no doubt! They definitely enjoy your books there.
    Wish I had realized the connection last night and been able to say hi in person.


  2. Hello Ms. Look, my daughter is in Teacher Annie’s class. She loves your books. She was unable to get a copy of the book you sent to the class because they ran out. Can I send you a copy of your book to have signed? She’s been walking around with your name written on her arm making up PDKs for various situations.

    Thank you!


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