NYC Summer Reading List and Alvin Books in Chinese!

Dear Reader,

For those of you who have Alvin on your summer reading list, it’s not too late. There are several more lazy weeks of summer left, so run, make haste, hurry to your nearest library, before it’s too late!!!

And for those of you who want to really impress your teacher, by doing your summer reading in Chinese …

Here’s Alvin in Chinese!   2 Alvin Ho Allergic to camping, hiking, and other natural disasters3 Alvin HoAllergic to Birthday Parties, Science Projects,and other Man-M...4 Alvin HoAllergic to Dead Bodies, Funerals,and Other Fatal Circumstance...

Aren’t they fabulous?!!! Translated into Simplified Chinese, the series is being published by Shanghai Gaotan in China.

Happy Summer Reading!!!


9 thoughts on “NYC Summer Reading List and Alvin Books in Chinese!

  1. I noticed they didn’t translate “Rest In Peace” on the wreath. Many congrats on the books! (ps–our daughter is in China right now! She even got to visit the Shaolin Temple and take a couple of classes)


    • Hi Carl! That’s totally awesome that your daughter learned some gung fu at Shaolin! Did you also notice that they didn’t use the black and deep purple colors on the Allergic to Dead Bodies cover?


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