Rosa Parks Elementary

Redmond, WA — Frost was on the ground when I arrived at Rosa Parks Elementary School this morning. Rosa Parks ElementaryBut the welcome inside was very warm. Welcome @Rosa ParksRosa Parks library Here is my host, Sue Myers, the warm and wonderful librarian of this beautiful place:IMG_4995Rosa Parks libraryHave you ever seen a more beautiful school library?

And here’s the hallway leading to it (the library is behind the windows on the left):IMG_4999First, I had a yummy breakfast with the Read-a-Thon winners. One of winners told me she read 1,072 hours! Wow! My eyes wouldn’t be open, nor would I make it to breakfast if I’d read that many hours. Thank you for being such good readers! And thank you, PTO Moms, for feeding me!

Then I had to get to work:IMG_5021IMG_5025 And showed them how to put together a SIK (Shakespearean Insulting Kit):IMG_5029Thanks, Mr. Anderson, for being the perfect greasy, onion-eyed, clay-brained crumb cake! I hope your students tell you that you’re a cheerful, generous-hearted, open-minded, warped-humored, good sport!

It was a super-duper busy, exciting day! I had such a fantastic time, I could hardly eat! And most of my lunch was still waiting for me at the end of the day:IMG_5036Thank you, Rosa Parks Elementary, for all your warm hugs and wonderful hospitality! I really enjoyed meeting everyone and being in your school that is SO beautiful and friendly, I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted to do Author Day all over again 🙂 !!!

And good luck to Tanvee who is doing her “famous woman” report on me 🙂 — she’s going to “become” me when she presents it. Please send a video if you can!

Could I “become” a student here and stay forever, please???

I promise I won’t park here:IMG_5053

A lingering, parting shot of this gorgeous school:IMG_5057

2 thoughts on “Rosa Parks Elementary

  1. We loved our Author Day here at Rosa Parks. All the staff and students thought you were wonderful. Thanks for your lessons and books. Alvin Ho is a favorite!

    Sue Myers, Librarian


  2. You did a great job. Big week for my students! Tomorrow we are learning about and creating Chinese Calligraphy. Jim Anderson


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