Horace Mann Elementary

Redmond, WA — I have a full week of school visits here, in the hometown of Microsoft and Google and a sqillion smart kids everywhere. I was at another beautiful school today, Horace Mann Elementary. And here is my wonderful and gracious host, Colette Weber, welcoming me to her library this morning:IMG_5078Don’t you just love that fish???

And here is Zoe welcoming me to breakfast:IMG_5083Oh, there was much more than that!IMG_5084When you’re an author, librarian or teacher, it’s important to start Author Day off right! Thank you Horace Mann PTO for feeding us so well today! I had seconds. Then after my morning presentations, I had second breakfast ūüėÄ !!!

Here I am getting down to work after first breakfast:IMG_5088The fourth and fifth graders used hand signals IMG_5093and paid very close attention. IMG_5097I was very impressed.

So then I gave them the Shakespearean Insulting Kit:IMG_5099For those of you who are now brandishing your new Shakespearean Insulting Kit, you may need these too: http://fb.me/LUWujhCd , courtesy of Mrs. Alvarez @stylinlibrarian.

At lunch, a mom brought me this:IMG_5102It was really beautiful and filled with many wonderful and delicious treats:IMG_5103IMG_5105IMG_5106¬†¬†I felt so well-taken care of and so grateful for every bite. When you’re an author, the kindness of strangers will often make you stop and marvel at the beauty of everything. Thank you SO much, Rebecca!!!!

Here are some more shots of this welcoming, light-filled school:IMG_5109IMG_5110IMG_5111 But my favorite shot of all came at the end of the day, when the Caped Crusader himself waited in line for an autographed book:IMG_5112We talked about Batman rings and other things, before he hurried off to read Alvin Ho and to save the world, in that order.

Thank you, Oliver. You’re a real superhero!

And thank you everyone at Horace Mann Elementary for a fun and wonderful visit!!!

3 thoughts on “Horace Mann Elementary

  1. Thanks again for visiting Horace Mann. Oliver aka Batman is still talking about your visit and wanted you to know he lost his third tooth this week. We’re enjoying reading your book! Thanks again for making a big impact on my little bat ūüôā


    • Aww. Thanks so much for stopping by, Tanya! I’m gonna have Alvin loose his teeth in honor of Oliver in a future book. He was a real inspiration to me! Thanks, Little Bat!!!


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