How to Eat Like an Author

NEW YORK, NY — June 14 — When you’re an author, you get super-duper hungry.

Some of us are perpetually hungry, but that’s another story.

Writing requires a lot of energy. To do it well . . . well, you gotta eat!

So here’s How to Eat Like an Author:

1. Call another author who’s been working really hard and also needs to eat.

Like Dan Yaccarino.

Yaccarino '72

2. Make plans.

3. Change plans.

4. Work on your books.

5. Visit schools.

6. Go on a book tour (Dan) for Doug Unplugged:Doug Unplugged Cover copy

7. Who’s that author again?

8. Meet at Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop on Fifth between 22nd and 23rd at 9 a.m. IMG_6492Is that Dan after a hairy book tour to five hundred bookstores in two weeks???!!!

What a relief, no. This is Dan:IMG_6494And Dan LOVES to eat:IMG_64989. Put on glasses so that you can see your food. Go, Dan! Buon appetito!!!

I love to eat too:IMG_6497Two eggs over-easy and hash browns with veggies. Mmmmm!!! Dan had the same. When you’re an author, it’s important to start your writing day with a happy belly.

If Dan and I had an eating contest to see who could out-eat the other, who do you think would win?

This is what his plate looked like at the half-way point:IMG_6499Barely touched!

And this is what my plate looked like at the same time:IMG_6500Like I said, some of us are perpetually hungry.

And some of us like to talk, talk, talk.

10. So unplug, like Doug!

11. Don’t check your email.

12. Don’t look at your cellphone (except to take pictures).

13. Listen.

14. Smile.

15. Order Second Breakfast!

You will finish at the same time.

This is what Eisenberg’s looks like in case you want to eat like an author:IMG_6503It’s a step into the past.

16. Wear a vintage sweater. Or vintage glasses (see Dan’s).

There were many photos of famous people on the walls and behind the counter:IMG_6502But no one asked me or Dan for our photo :(.

Oh well.

When you eat like an author, and you look like an author, and they’ve already given you so many free coffee refills that both your legs are now filled with coffee, they’re not also gonna put your mug on the wall. Not unless you try to run out without paying the bill.

17. Pay the bill. (At Eisenberg’s the prices are from the past too.)

18. Repeat.

Thanks, Dan, for taking me to Eisenberg’s!

Click here to read more about Dan and his books.

Click here to read an interview with me and to see how had put our books together. Enjoy!

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