Ten Random Things You Should Know About Me

This post is for David, who is working on a book project on Alvin Ho and couldn’t find anything about the author.

1. Writing is really hard for me.

2. But if I don’t write, I would shrivel and die.

3. My favorite opera is Tosca.

4. My favorite color is split-pea-soup green.

5. My favorite food is PIZZA!!!!

6. My favorite book is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

7. I’ve never owned a TV.

8. I have super-duper bad eyes anyway.

9. My biggest fear is spiders.

10. I love museums.


Here’s a bonus list for you, though you didn’t ask —


1. I nearly flunked kindergarten.

2. I’ve been living by the seat of my pants ever since.

3. I drove a very powerful car down the highway between 90 and100 mph recently.

4. I didn’t get caught.

5. I would do it again.

6. I’ve eaten insects, caterpillars and snake.

7. I would NOT do it again.

8. I know some really fantastic secret kung fu moves.

9. If I show them to you, I’d have to kill you.

10. With a single touch.

Well, there you have it. I hope this helps. You won’t find this information anywhere else on the Internet, that’s for sure. Good luck, David, with your poster board! You’d better get an A+++++, or else!!!! Can’t wait to get a photo of you to add here :).

UPDATE: Here are photos of David, who is a seventh-grader at Highland in Apple Valley, MN:Β IMG_76141IMG_76091IMG_76161Isn’t he fantastic?!!!

And here’s his list of Ten Things You Should Know About Him:

1. God is #1 in my life and my family
2. I love sports they are my world. I can play just about anything.
3. I like to read funny books, one of the reason why I loved the Alvin Ho collection.
4. I wish sometimes I could talk less but I just can’t stop =)
5. If I won a million dollars one day I would help my mom create a Center to help kids in our community that come from broken homes.
6. I would love to move down south somewhere warm all year
7. That is why I plan to go to college in the south =)
8. I would like to have a sister someday
9. I really like going to camp with my church we have so much fun
10. I want to be a volunteer in a Children’s hospital when I am old enough too do it

Thank you, David, for doing your communications project on Alvin Ho!!!

9 thoughts on “Ten Random Things You Should Know About Me

  1. Looooove!!!!!!! What an amazing lady you are! It was just by an off chance that you might think about replying that I wrote to you. But then to take it even a step further and do this for a young boy? THANK YOU FOR BEING SO REAL! God bless you and your writings!


    • You’re so welcome! THANK YOU for the blessings!!! I need ’em more than you know πŸ™‚ ! Every child is important and significant — that’s why I write for them, and to them — because they need to know. xxoo


      • Amazing !!!
        He was speechless when he read this in the morning. Thank you so much. It’s so great to see how little things like this can make a difference in a child. He was so excited to get to school and tell all his buddies. David will be writing to you later tonight after the book fair and we will send a picture or two πŸ˜‰


    • she is amazing! most authors do not correspond to a child but lenore does every single time. she really sees the value and significance of every child! she is a real encouragement to our children…


  2. Writing is hard for me too. My favorite color is turquoise. I step on spiders or slap them with magazines. I’m afraid of flying cockroaches (especially when I’m in the shower). I wish I knew a secret kung fu move.


  3. Hi Mrs. Look, Thank you for sending me this special post I was very excited when I read it this morning. My report was so good I probably had at least 40 people come by to look at it. I was able to share information on your book and I had a quiz which people had to answer question to get a piece of candy. I took a copy of your post with me and I had so many people ask me how I got a hold of you. It made me feel really good =) I tried to get a picture for you with my teacher but it was so busy tonight I am sure there was over 300 people coming and going all night at the book fair that I missed him. My mom took a picture of my brothers and a friend with me but I am sorry I forgot to put on my costum for the picture we took it at the end when I was cleaning up. SHe did make me take some at home with the costum so you can see what I did look like all night =) Thank you for making the Alvin Ho series I really enjoy reding them, there is many funny stories in there. I think there is 5 book if I am right, but I have only read two. I promise I will read them all soon =) Do you have any other books or series you think I would like to read ? I cant belive you drove so fast. Was the car a race car ? I also hate spiders. I took Kung FU when I was younger now I play soccer, basketball and football I want to try and get a scholarship one day and play in college. What else can I tell you about me…..I never had to eat any kind of animal and I never plan to but my baby brother pee in my water bottle once and I drank some then spit it out all over the place. Ok well I hope you like the pictures I have to go now. Thank you very much for everything. David

    Hi Lenore! He would’ve kept writing if I let him lol but it’s late so I had to send him to bed still full of energy πŸ˜‰ The book project was a success!!. David had many people come up and take a look at your post once the word got out that we actually got a hold of you. This will be an experience that he will never forget =) I have a couple pictures for you however I am not sure where or how to send them or get them posted on here. Let me know what I need to do.


  4. Oh, I only wish our museum crossing had been given a little more time. I guess this means I have to come back to NYC when Beth’s class goes in four years. And in between then, I hope there will be another chance for us to meet, under an umbrella or something other. Love you Lenore and am grateful for your presence in my life. You’re a great friend and person. (I’m finally coming out of my month-long fog and will post soon about our little meeting.)


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