Riverview School

DENVILLE, NJ — I have some catching up to do with posting school visits. I was at the lovely Riverview School in Morris County, in March. IMG_8739It was a busy place. As soon as I arrived, which was before the start of the school day, students were already at work on their Rube Goldberg devices:IMG_8741IMG_8743IMG_8744These projects were being constructed in a room adjoining the library.

And this is Linda Breder, my librarian-host:IMG_8748Ms. Breder was the children’s librarian at the Randolph Public Library, where I used to   bring my girls for story hour when they were little. She’s known me for a LONG time. In fact, she knew me before I had my first book published. She was always very supportive of my career and made sure that her library carried my books. And now that she’s in a school, she’s making sure that her students are READING my books. The halls were decorated with book projects for my visit:IMG_8758IMG_8760IMG_8765What colorful PDKs and Polka Dot Penguin eggs!

And cookies and cupcakes were decorated for my lunch:IMG_8752Yum!!!

After my presentations, young authors joined me for a writer’s workshop and pizza:IMG_8755And we were all still smiling and having great fun at the end of it! But what a mess we left for Ms. Breder to clean up!

Then I had to get to work signing lots of books. No more fooling around! IMG_8749Thank you, Riverview PTO for sponsoring my visit! I really enjoyed visiting with some of the moms as I signed, and I had such a fantastic day at your school. Thank you, Riverview young readers, for reading my books and for all your enthusiasm and energy! And thank you, Ms. Breder, for your wonderful support through the years. I appreciate you more than you know!

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