You Know You’re a Chinese Villager When . . .

Dear Readers,

Living in a Chinese village is very different from living in my American village of Hoboken, NJ.

First, there are 50,000 souls crammed into my American village of one-square mile. This means you don’t see the same people every day. Some days you don’t even see anyone you know, but you see people everyday, on every inch of sidewalk, everywhere.

In the Chinese village of Wangzhiguo, there are maybe 300 souls, most of them young kung fu students, living in this cul-de-sac not on any map. The area is about two city blocks long by one city block wide, at most. This means that you see the same people everyday, and they see you.  If you get tired of seeing them, you can climb to the opposite hill, where you can see the village as a silent cluster of gray buildings in the distance (in the center below): IMG_6975 Continue reading

Warning: scary photos! scary everything!

Dear Readers,

If you are squeamish, stop here. Do not read this post.

If you are still reading, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This starts mild enough, but it gets worse and worse. Quickly.

Then it goes from worse to I-can’t-believe-you-drank-that, before it gets better.

I kid you not. Continue reading

Returning to Shaolin

Dear Readers,

I am not so good at blogging and working on my books at the same time. When I’m doing one, the other tends to suffer. Hence, the delays between posts. I’m definitely not a daily blooger, not even a weekly one. But at last, after finishing the first round of copyedits on my next Alvin Ho book, I’m back to tell you a little more of my latest adventures in China . . . Continue reading

What I Did Last Summer

Dear Readers,

Is the end of summer leaving you feeling sad and melancholy? Do you wish you could begin summer all over? Do you dread having to wear clothes again and going back to school? Worse, are you worried about that perennial first assignment, “What I Did Last Summer”?

You are not alone.

When you’re an author, and you haven’t written a single word all summer on account of you were taking a break from authoring, you feel this way too.  Now It’s time for me to put my clothes on and go back to work. But first, let me tell you What I Did Last Summer. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas to use in your own essay 😉 — Continue reading