How to Make Friends in China

Dear Readers,
Staying in one place in China for a month is a very different experience than hopping around from city to city. The best thing about it is you get to make friends! Making friends in China is not that different from making friends anywhere else. The Chinese are generally quite informal like Americans. They say hey, and then they hang out. When you buy something from someone, the next time they see you, hey, you’re a friend! And you didn’t even know it. And if you stay with a family, like I did, you really become family and get included in everything they do, even going to visit a sick grandchild in the hospital.
When you’re an author, making friends and becoming family is very important. Your inspiration and ideas will often come from these relationships. So here are some tips and helpful hints on HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS IN CHINA 🙂 ! Continue reading

Warning: scary photos! scary everything!

Dear Readers,

If you are squeamish, stop here. Do not read this post.

If you are still reading, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This starts mild enough, but it gets worse and worse. Quickly.

Then it goes from worse to I-can’t-believe-you-drank-that, before it gets better.

I kid you not. Continue reading