How to Make Friends at the Browning School

1. Say no. When the Browning School librarian calls to invite you to their book fair, say no.

2. Say no again. When the same librarian invites you the following year, just say no again.

3. Explain that you’d be happy to come during your normal school visit season — in the spring.

4. Say that you don’t do school visits in the fall or winter. It’s your writing time.

5. If she’s still inviting you, then you have to give it to her straight, “I DON’T DO BOOK FAIRS!!! IT’S JUST A SHOPPING DAY FOR KIDS.” Continue reading

Making Friends With Gene Luen Yang

Dear Readers,

Do you like comic books and graphic novels? Wouldn’t you love to meet a famous comic book artist or an award-winning graphic novelist? Better yet, wouldn’t you love to make friends with one and just say, “Hey, let’s hang out!”?

I would! My graphic novel hero is Gene Luen Yang, a two-time National Book Award Finalist. This distinction was given last week to his amazing new books, BOXERS & SAINTS, a historical fiction look at the Boxer Rebellion in China in 1900, told in two volumes, which came out last month.

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How to Make Friends in China

Dear Readers,
Staying in one place in China for a month is a very different experience than hopping around from city to city. The best thing about it is you get to make friends! Making friends in China is not that different from making friends anywhere else. The Chinese are generally quite informal like Americans. They say hey, and then they hang out. When you buy something from someone, the next time they see you, hey, you’re a friend! And you didn’t even know it. And if you stay with a family, like I did, you really become family and get included in everything they do, even going to visit a sick grandchild in the hospital.
When you’re an author, making friends and becoming family is very important. Your inspiration and ideas will often come from these relationships. So here are some tips and helpful hints on HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS IN CHINA 🙂 ! Continue reading