Shaolin Temple — Day One

DENGFENG — 1 November 2012 — When I was looking on the Internet for lodging near Shaolin Temple, I wanted to stay as close to the grounds as possible. The temple (a k a Shaolin Monastery) looked remote and I wanted to avoid having to travel back and forth from my hotel. But I had no idea that my choice was actually in a small village above the monastery, or that Kung Fu students would be practicing right outside my window:  Continue reading

The Road to Dengfeng

DENGFENG — 31 October 2012 — There are no trains to Dengfeng. To get there, you either drive, take a taxi or ride a local bus.  I had hopped on the bus — the cheapest (36 yuan, or about $5.70) and hopefully, most adventurous option — and it did not disappoint.

First, it made many stops along the way, picking up passengers standing by the side of the road. Continue reading