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IMG_2075Lenore Look visited Bradbury School in November, but she and I agreed to wait and connect our blog posts together so that our readers could enjoy both points of view- an author’s experience visiting a school and a teacher librarian/school’s perspective. Have you read Lenore Look’s Blog before? There are fun glimpses into an author’s life, writing tips, and you can follow her adventures by reading her posts, especially the recent ones on her adventures in China. Some readers already know about Lenore Look visiting Bradbury. I have posted a few times already about Lenore. Once I posted about about how we originally connected online:  and then the other post was an author interview:

Here’s a reflection on Lenore Look’s author visit:
posterhallOh, what a lovely day it can be when you get to spend time with an author hero. Preparations for the visit were almost as much fun…

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Bradbury School, Hong Kong

Though I’ve concluded posting about my research trip to China, I must add this one about my final stop in Hong Kong,IMG_4121where I was to visit my cousin Angela and spend a few days winding down and enjoying some r&r before catching a flight back to Newark to face the empty page. Well, that was the original plan anyway. And by now, you know something about me and original plans! Continue reading

My Inner Villager

It’s been great fun to take you on my research trip to China. In my last post from Shaolin Temple I had just surrendered to the program. You can read about it here. I ended up staying a total of ten, yes, count ’em, TEN days at the Shaolin Monastery, and really learned some Kung Fu.flying warriorThat’s not me. But I wish it were! Continue reading

New Year’s Hike With Henry David Thoreau

CONCORD, MA — 1 January 2013 — Walden Pond looked so beautiful in the snow that I had to stop by and take a few photos of it before leaving Concord today.

But before you can get to the pond you have to park your car in the lot across the street. It costs five bucks.

Then you walk past the replica of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin.approaching henry's cabin replica Continue reading